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In A Cardiac Jew family grudges, love affairs, business ethics, the sins of the past and the War in Vietnam all interweave in the story of one Jewish family’s struggles with the social issues of the day when Nixon’s invasion of Cambodia and the Kent State killings were tearing the country apart.

In Teardown, Ben and Jenny are an elderly couple whose memories are going as they desperately try to keep a grip on things.  When Ben discovers they are broke, he sells their house as a teardown.  But Ben and Jenny find they can’t bring themselves to leave. As the house is torn down around them, they find the story of their lives in the ruins of their home.

The Jumping Off Point is composed of three linked one act plays that take place at the World Trade Center on the morning of the 9/11 attack.  In the face of death, three groups of people deal with enormity of the disaster with denial and deflection but also with grace and acceptance.