Numbers 20

1 Then Ailes took the elevator from the news room to the executive suite, across from The Quicken Loans Center. There Murdoch showed him the whole political landscape—from Cleveland to DC, 2 all of Bethesda, the territory of the Solid South and The Great Plains States, all the land of Texas as far as The Gulf Of Mexico, 3 the Mojave and the whole region from the Valley of San Fernando, the City of Angels, as far as Zuma. 4 Then Murdoch said to him, “This is the land I promised on oath to Bush, Cruz and Rubio when I said, ‘I will give it to your constituents.’ I have let you see it with your eyes, but you are not in charge here anymore.” 5 And Ailes the servant of Murdoch was fired there in Cleveland, as Murdoch had said. 6 He buried him politically in Cleveland, by the river opposite Lake Erie, but to this day no one knows what he did to all those women. 7 Ailes was a fleshy old man when he was fired, yet his mind was not weak nor his understanding of television news as a vector for right-wing propoganda gone. 8 The Republicans grieved for Ailes in the plains for about ten seconds, until the time of the news cycle was over. 9 Now Trump son of Wealth was filled with the spirit of wisdom because Ailes had laid his hands on him. So the Republicans listened to him and did what Murdoch had commanded Ailes. 10 Since then, no political star has risen in the Republican Party like Ailes, whom Murdoch knew face to face, 11 who did all those signs and wonders Murdoch sent him to do in DC—to Obama and to all his officials and to his whole party. 12 For no one has ever shown the mighty power or performed the awesome deeds that Ailes did in the sight of all of the Rightmost Wing.